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Experiences vs Toys for Christmas

Believe it or not my kids have unopened gifts from last Christmas in their closets.

I don’t know about you guys, but my kids end up with too many toys every year. So many in fact that they don’t even get to opening all of them. They play with a few then a few months later switch again.

My husband hates this because he says the toys clutter the house, cost money, and they aren’t even enjoying them. He presented me with the idea 3 years ago of giving the kids a trip instead of gifts or toys. I told him to ask the kids what they prefer guaranteeing they would prefer the gifts or toys.

Well, thank goodness I am not a betting person because I would’ve lost.

My kids (ages 10 years, 6 years, and 3 months old at the time) chose a trip to St. Augustine instead of gifts or toys.

Since then, we ask every year and so far, they have always picked a trip. We even did it for a birthday one year. So far, we have gone to St. Augustine, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

We have now seen snow for the 1st time, seen an underground waterfall, seen a few tunnels of light, eaten delicious food, built a snowman, gone sledding, saw old friends, and made new friends, all while spending time with family and making lots of unforgettable memories.

What is your favorite Christmas memory? Was it a toy or an experience?”

— Miami Mom Collective Contributor, @imperfectlyminnie

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