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My Experience with Therapy for Children

“Why are people so scared of getting therapy for their children?

Therapy for children seems to be taboo.

When I was pregnant with my son at 23, I thought everything would be perfect. Little did I know that he would make his appearance at 24 weeks. Because of his complications, he was started with therapy during his 6-month hospital stay.

This was my first experience with therapy for any of my kids.

Once he got out of the hospital, I was told to follow up with outpatient therapy. When I told my family and some of my friends, they told me I shouldn’t that he would figure it out.

I am thankful I did not listen to my family and friends, and I did listen to the doctors.

My son is now almost 9 and has been in therapy for most of his life.

Thanks to his occupational, physical, and speech therapies I get to say things like, “My son has cerebral palsy but can still run.” I can also say that even though my son has autism (Asperger’s) he is advanced in speech for his age. And I even get to say that he can hit a ball that is thrown at him and is independent with daily life skills like getting dressed and tying his shoes.

This is all thanks to the hard work of his amazing therapists, his doctors, and us.

Even though my son had a rough start in life we are making sure to equip him with the tools to thrive independently in life.

Now my daughter is also working with her therapist to ensure we get early intervention to get her to meet her age-appropriate milestones.

Do you know someone who has benefited from therapy?”

— Miami Mom Contributor, @imperfectlyminnie

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