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Spanish First: Teaching My Child Spanish as Their First Language

Both my hubby and I were raised being told that we were only allowed to speak Spanish at home. I am a 1st generation Cuban American, even though my mom only came at 60 days old, and he is 1st generation Honduran American. His parents and my grandparents (who raised me for most of my childhood) wanted to make sure we did not forget our roots. They raised us speaking only Spanish at home and celebrating mostly our native traditions. They would sing us songs from their childhood and cook traditional meals.

Mind you, this did not mean that they chose to speak only Spanish to us because they didn't have a choice. Both of my grandparents got to the United States speaking English. They just chose to keep their traditions alive for as long as possible. They did amazing! We all speak, read, and write fluently in English and Spanish. It all started from the values they instilled in us from birth.

The rule in the house is that we speak Spanish to Mila. Also, all toys, TV, books, learning, and therapy will all be in Spanish.

Click here to check out educational toys, books, and YouTube videos that I found that are bilingual. And even an educational resource with bilingual printables that I created for my daughter and other parents or therapists that want to use it with their kiddos.

I just wanted to save other moms the headaches, time, and stress I already went through.

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