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Marketing For The Mompreneur


Social Media Marketing

Show up where your audience is

It is crucial to show up on social in today's society. But you can't be on all the social platforms and you can't be without a plan. You need to make sure you focus on the social channels where your ideal buyer persona is to bring in revenue. 

I offer social media audits, consultations, or management services. 

Specialize in: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Digital Marketing Strategy

Bring them in with Ads

Take advantage of Digital Marketing Strategy to help your business reach new heights.

My Google and Facebook certifications affirm my expertise in the platforms.

Let's turn your goals into measurable results.



Become recognizable

Having consistent branding across your business is essential. It is how you want to represent your brand visually to the world.

We can make sure you are consistent and that your brand is saying what you want for yourself and your business.


Be found online

Being found online is as simple as 3 letters, SEO. This makes your business more visable. 

It's as simple as the more people see your website, the more your online traffic increases, and the better your chances to provide your product or service to a greater number of people. 


Email Marketing

Set it up with Automation

Email marketing is more important now than ever. It allows you to build relationships with leads, customers, and past customers.

It's your opportunity to speak directly to people you know are interested in hearing from you in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them.

When done right email can become one of your most impactful marketing channels.

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